Why Doesn’t Sinus Cure?

Sinusitis is a problem in the respiratory organs that feels annoying. Moreover, sinusitis appears together with a cold or flu that is difficult to control. When you suffer from sinusitis, the pain will usually appear on the face, especially above and below the eyes. In addition, unstop headaches, runny nose and blocked nose appear. If you have experienced this, you should immediately take treatment so that sinusitis does not get worse. Is a sinus infection contagious? It can be transmitted in certain conditions, especially sinusitis caused by a virus.

Usually a sinus infection or sinusitis can begin to be treated when symptoms appear. The treatment will work within 48-72 hours. Sinus infections should be cleared for about 7-10 days. Without treatment, a sinus infection can last for weeks or even months.
Usually, most sinusitis starts with the appearance of an upper respiratory viral infection.

Some people are more susceptible to respiratory viruses so the possibility of getting sinusitis is increased. Especially for those who have allergies, you need to be vigilant because it is more susceptible to sinus infection. Even worse, sinusitis becomes difficult to treat.
For you who want to avoid the danger of sinus infection, you should protect yourself by starting to diligently wash your hands. Make a habit to close your mouth when coughing to avoid germs that cause infection. Maintain your body condition by consuming nutritious food so that your immune system increases.

If the treatment done to cure sinusitis does not work. All you have to do is rest and keep your body hydrated. If these symptoms do not improve on their own then you should immediately see a doctor. That way you can find out the signs of bacterial infection in the sinus part. During this time most of the symptoms of sinusitis can be reduced by doing self-care. But to help speed up the treatment process, the doctor will prescribe an antihistamine, decongestant, nasal steroids, and saline nasal spray.

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