The World’s Most Popular Android Online Game

With the presence of corona virus, it’s better to stay at home and reduce outdoor activities. Now for those who are tired of staying at home, we recommend playing online games. There are tons of cool online games that are ready for you to play to get rid of boredom.

Online games are actually more fun than offline games. Moreover, currently the government has suggested social distancing, which means protecting manual distances by staying away from direct meetings. Now with online games, we are forever able to communicate with other players without having to worry about Corona.

Best Android Online Game Recommendations
Well, there are tons of Download Game Android apps available on the Play Store. We believe you will be confused choosing one of them. That’s why we are going to suggest some of the best online games that are not boring and have too good graphic quality. Immediately, please refer to these recommendations.

1. PUBG Mobile

There are millions of people who play the PUBG Mobile game every day. The best Android online games are actually too popular. Because PUBG Mobile offers a game mode that is too exciting and not boring. We are able to fight against 100 people as a team or individually. PUBG Mobile is also one of the Android games with the best graphic quality today. The visual quality looks too realistic and is supported by 3D audio quality that seems to have us into battle.

Before coming as an Android game, PUBG (PLAYERUNKNOWN’s BATTLEGROUNDS) was already the best online game for computer devices. Interestingly, this game also provides TPS (Third-Person Shooter) and FPS First-Person Shooter modes with various game methods that you can choose at will.

2. Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty is a legendary game that has dozens of years. crazy game admirers around the world. Now the Call of Duty game is available in a mobile version that can be played on Android or iOS smartphones. This game has a graphics quality one level above PUBG Mobile, so we recommend using a capable smartphone to be able to mobilize COD Mobile to its full potential.

Similar to PUBG Mobile, this game also offers a Battle Royale game mode that is no less exciting than PUBG Mobile. In addition, COD Mobile has an appeal in terms of weaponry that looks much more sophisticated and is supported by vehicles and maps that are too complete.

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