The Right Way to Lose Weight by Spinning

On this occasion will be explained about the sport using top stationary bikes for overweight people. Spinning is an aerobic exercise that is carried out intensely indoors by using a stationary bicycle. This sport will be more fun when accompanied by music and motivation from the instructor.


The process of pedaling a bicycle is very diverse, there are pedaling quickly, some are pedaling by climbing and standing body position. This is to help you to continue to focus on exercising. Sports using stationary bikes is a simulation of exercising a bicycle outdoors. Already equipped with sprints and climbing hills. Exercising using a stationary bicycle does not make you subject to pollution, overheating or colliding with other bikes.

The advantages of using this stationary bicycle are:

  • Able to burn fat and calories so it is suitable for those of you who have excess weight loss programs.
  • Train the heart muscle, strengthen the thigh muscles and tighten the buttocks.
  • To do this sport you don’t need much coordination so you can concentrate more easily.
  • You can do this exercise together with friends so you don’t get bored.


  • Not able to train muscles evenly
  • You need to add other exercises to stay balanced
  • For those of you who like this sport, you need to be aware of the excessive use of back muscles, knee and hip muscles

Easy tips for exercising a bicycle in the room

Doing exercise with an incorrect sitting position can cause injury. Please adjust the saddle height so that your knees can bend a little when the pedals are pedaled. Then please adjust the hand grip according to the saddle level. Please bend the elbows slightly, when bending forward and placing your hands on the handle. It is recommended to use shoes with rigid soles.

Running shoes that have soft soles make the feet feel dead when the end of the exercise. Don’t forget to provide a drink during exercise. Given this bike is equipped with a drinking bottle.

Thus a brief explanation of the sport of top stationary bikesfor overweight people. Hopefully by following the guidelines above the weight loss program using this stationary bicycle can succeed.

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