Benefits and Disadvantages of Giving Eggs to Pet Cats

Eggs are one of the nutritious, vitamin and high protein foods if consumed will provide many benefits for the body. So can cats eat eggs?

can cats eat eggs

Before the discussion, we must know what is contained in the egg. The following is the content value contained in eggs:

  • Food Name: Chicken Eggs
  • Number of Chicken Eggs studied (Food Weight) = 100 gram
  • Chicken Eggs that can be consumed (Food Edible) = 90%
  • Egg Energy Content = 162 kcal
  • Egg Protein Content = 12.8 gram
  • Egg fat content = 11.5 gram
  • Egg Carbohydrate Content = 0.7 gram
  • Calcium content of eggs = 54 mg
  • Phosphorus content of eggs = 180 mg
  • Egg Iron content = 3 mg
  • Vitamin A Egg = 900 IU
  • Vitamin B1 content of eggs = 0.1 mg
  • Vitamin C content of eggs = 0 mg

The value of the content found in eggs is certainly very good for cats especially if eaten raw.

Giving regularly will make cats fat because of the high content of fat and protein, but still giving cat food is not just eggs, because it is not a staple food of cats. Giving eggs to cats is recommended to only give the egg yolks, without egg whites and in raw conditions, not boiled especially fried.

Will cats like to eat raw egg yolks? yup, of course, because meat-eating cats and the like are in a raw state, it is humans who change the diet of cats by giving them cooked food or instant food.

So what about egg whites, can it be given too? For egg whites, it is not recommended and tends not to be given to cats because there are compounds in the egg Avidin.

An egg contains an Avidin compound of about 1.8 mg. Avidin is a glycoprotein molecule (Combined Carbohydrates and Proteins), the function of the egg-whitened Avidin compound is to protect the growth of disturbing bacteria Oviduct (egg yolk), as we know that the yolk is a fetus.

One side effect of this compound is its ability to bind biotin (an element of vitamin B formation), if biotin is bound by Avidin, the body will be deficient in Vitamin B. This lack of B vitamins is often found by people who eat raw eggs.

That’s why egg whites are not allowed to be given to cats, because vitamin B is needed by cats for breeding their bodies. So just enough egg yolks are given.

Forgiving to cats, egg yolks are placed on a plate then the cat will automatically eat it by licking it until it runs out.

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