5 Tips for Keeping Parquet Flooring Clean and Shiny Free of Scratches

Material selection for home flooring is one of the important aspects of the interior. Various types of material will give an aesthetic impression and its comfort in the house. Materials commonly used for home flooring include ceramics, granite, and vinyl. Besides, parquet material is also often the preferred material for flooring because it can give a more elegant and natural impression.

Parquet is also suitable for various types of interior design styles. Unfortunately, the parquet floor also has several disadvantages. Among other things, it is quite susceptible to scratches, which causes flooring not to look aesthetic, the material is less resistant to changes in extreme temperatures, and high humidity.

But don’t worry, for those of you who want to keep using parquet flooring, you can still follow the following easy tips:

  • Use Vacuum Cleaner

Cleaning parquet flooring using a vacuum cleaner is a good first step. A vacuum cleaner can help suck up the dust between the floors.

  • Clean Regularly

Clean parquet flooring in your home every day or every few days. This can make parquet flooring avoid accumulating dust, which will make friction on the surface of your parquet flooring.

  • Using a moist mop

After using a soft-brushed vacuum cleaner or broom, you can mop the parquet flooring using a soft mop. Mopping can also help clean up any remaining dust that doesn’t lift. However, just use a little water to keep the cloth moist. This is because the nature of parquet flooring itself is vulnerable to high humidity.

  • Use Special Cleaning Materials

The mistake that is often made is to use floor cleaners which are commonly used for ceramic, granite, or vinyl material floors. This will damage parquet flooring. Continuous use will leave permanent marks and scratches. Use a special floor cleaner for parquet flooring available in stores.

  • Avoid from scratches

The biggest enemy of the parquet flooring scratches. Preferably, avoid friction between home furniture and parquet flooring which can cause scratches on the surface of the floor. For heavy furniture, you can use a soft cloth as a surface mat that can help you move heavy items

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